When you’re a truck driver, bus driver, package or delivery driver, or any kind of driver with a commercial driver’s license and an employment problem, you want to talk to a lawyer who knows your business and the unique problems you face. You want a firm like Truckers Justice Center.

Founding attorney Paul Taylor is the third generation of a trucking family. His father and grandfather worked in trucking; his brothers and nephews still work in trucking. He worked as a trucking dispatcher to put himself through law school. You don’t need a translator when you’re talking us; we know first-hand what you’re up against.

At the Truckers Justice Center, we help truckers across the nation. We represent owner-operators. company drivers, employees, and contractors from coast to coast. We can help you get results if you’ve had problems in any area of trucking employment, including: retaliation for refusal to violate federal motor carrier safety regulations (e.g.: hour of service, equipment, bad weather), violations of leasing regulations, and bad DAC reports.