When hiring new drivers, motor carriers are required by law to conduct an investigation into the driver’s safety and performance history. Often, companies conduct these background investigations by obtaining a Drive-A-Check (DAC) report from HireRight, Inc. Negative information on a DAC report can prevent drivers from finding work. Sometimes, companies may retaliate against a driver by reporting false, negative information on a DAC report.

If you believe a company has reported false information about you, the first step is to request a copy of your DAC report. Drivers have the right to request a free copy of their own report through HireRight, Inc. Follow the link below to request a copy of your DAC report.

If you believe your DAC report contains false information, you have a right to dispute that information by filing a report with HireRight, Inc. Follow the link below to file a formal dispute on HireRight's website about a false entry on your DAC report.

If the company who made the report refuses to change false information even after you have filed a dispute with HireRight, Inc., contact us for a free consultation.

Please note that we generally cannot do anything to eliminate true negative information. If your DAC report documents a DOT-reportable accident that actually occurred, there is nothing to dispute even though the entry may be harmful to your job prospects. If you have any questions about your DAC report or about references provided by a former employer, please give us a call for a free consultation.